Calvin Scott Inc. specializes in providing medication to physicians in the medical weight loss industry. We are unique in the repackaging industry in that we create labels with your clinic/doctor name and logo. Each order is specifically designed for you. Our web-based software makes dispensing easy by automatically reporting controlled substances to the State Board of Pharmacy.

Our facility is VAWD certified by the National Association of Pharmacy.

The lead time is two business days from the date your order is placed. Our friendly and responsive staff will make sure your order arrives accurately and timely.

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We are licensed by the DEA and FDA to repackage controlled and non-controlled prescription medications and nutritional supplements.

Benefits of Choosing Calvin Scott Inc.:

Dispensing Software!

  • Easy to use web-based dispensing software
  • Automatic reporting as required by each state
  • Ability to print patient-specific labels
  • Real-time inventory tracker

No More Counting Pills!

  • Stop paying employees to count pills
  • Products packaged to any desired count
  • Reliable and accurate packaging keeps clinics compliant

Custom Labels!

  • All bottles are labeled with your clinic’s information
  • Your logo can be used on the label
  • Choose from a wide range of colors

Benefits of Dispensing:

  • Substantial revenue source
  • Patients no longer have to waste time going to the pharmacy
  • Assurance that your patient has received the proper medication
  • Patient has a clear understanding of the dosage amount
  • Studies indicate that 25% of written prescriptions go unfilled

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