At Calvin Scott Inc. we offer 3 different packaging options:

White Bottles Amber Vials Heat Sealed Packets

White Bottles

Our white bottle option is the most popular repackaged solution. These bottles come foil-sealed underneath a childproof cap to prevent tampering. This ensures the patient, clinic owners, and DEA that no one has tampered with the medication after leaving our facility. The sizes range from 1oz to 6oz bottles and can be used for prescription and supplement products.

Amber Vials

These offer a traditional prescription look with a child proof cap. These bottles are clear enough to see the medication in the vial; however, they do not come foil-sealed, so they are not tamper resistant.

Heat Sealed Packets

These are an inexpensive way to provide supplements to patients. Heat sealed packets can also be used for refills of prescription products, as long as they are placed in a child-resistant container. It can save storage space and bottle usage.

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